Unsigned Rookies and Training Camp: Who Makes It Through?

Of the five James Madison University Dukes who have gone to mini-camps over the past weeks, two have contracts, and one is hopeful.

JMU defensive linemen J.D. Skolnitsky signed a three year, $1.2 million deal with the Washington Redskins. Skolnitsky was the best prospect exiting JMU for the pros this year, and is likely to contribute to the Redskins defense if he makes the roster.

The second best prospect out of Madison is QB Rodney Landers. Landers went to Tampa Bay with fellow alum Evan McCullough for their mini-camp and both made a good impression on first-year head coach Raheem Morris.

Landers, though a QB, ran drills at QB, defensive back, and return man. Due to his size and speed, Landers is perfect for a CB/punt returner.

While he has not signed a contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, they are in talks, and Landers is hopeful to land a contract, though other teams have expressed interest in him. With the Wildcat formation being utilized by everyone this year, teams are looking for that Pat White-esq QB who can do it all.

My prediction? The Bucs sign Landers as a CB or special teams guy, and utilize him in the Wildcat.

While Landers did not recieve a contract, Evan McCullough did. He signed a two-year deal as a corner for the Bucs.

No word yet on whether Terrence Apted, who tried out with the Redskins, or Marcus Haywood, who tried out with the Saints, have been offered anything.