,, Make Me a Match…

It will come as a surprise to no one that I have tried online dating. (I’m in my late 20s and still single…you do the math) but man is it weird.

I mean weird.

Not necessarily the people (though…yeah…some serious wackos on there), but also the whole…process. It’s not exactly normal to “wink” at someone or send them an email when you don’t know them.

And the whole point of the site is to match you up for dating so that adds a whole other layer of awkward. And if you’re an awkward person to begin with (i.e., me!) then it makes it super awkward.


Finding the right guy is hard. It almost makes me wish for the days when parents arranged matches. Almost. Maybe I would let a select panel of people choose me a husband…but not just my parents. As much as I love them…yeah, no.

Does anyone else feel me? I just have a hard time with the whole online dating thing. Half the time the guys who are interested in my are not Christians (which, sorry dudes, but that gives you an automatic “no”) or are way too young or way too old. I know age is just a number but a girl’s gotta have her standards. At least a little.

On to happier (or, at least, less awkward…) things.

How about the Red Sox?

No, that doesn’t work. I just wish they could get their pitching and hitting going at the same dang time.


Hate the Cavs. Hope they lose. Not terrible invested.


Hate the Blackhawks and the Lightening. Can a hole open up and swallow them both?

Oh! Of course. My beloved Dave Ramsey.

Now that I’m significantly less in debt and my vacation is paid for, I like him again. I have exited the DR Doldrums and am now focusing with gazelle-like intensity on my goals. I’m even starting the whole process of looking to buy a house. Seriously, when did I get so…adult???

And on an even happier note, SCHOOL IS OVER!!!! I AM FREE!

I’m really not even excited about it 😉 I miss getting up in the morning and dealing with my lovable band of…minions. (not really, I love them and I love my job but summer is pretty much the most awesome thing EVER).

Happy summer y’all 🙂

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