Aloha, ‘apala kaika ‘awa’awa

Very roughly translated, the title of this post means “Hello” (or goodbye) and “apple cider vinegar”.

You may ask, what do Hawaii and Apple cider vinegar have in common?

The answer: nothing. They merely both happen to be having an impact on my life at the moment.

Let’s start with Hawaii.

In just a few days I will begin a day-long journey across the country and part of an ocean to see my sister who just happens to live in, you guessed it, Hawaii.


Ah…so beautiful. And I will be there so soon. If I can ever finish laundry and packing and all the other millions of things I need to get done and we’re getting so that I leave in days. Days.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m OCD so I’ve already started and mostly finished my packing. But it’s summer and what I wear here (I’ll admit, nike running shorts and tanks/tees) is what I will be wearing there, so I had to plan laundry and pack so that the last few things that went into the washing machine will, in fact, fit in the suitcase. And I haven’t even started gathering things for my carry-on, getting books on my kindle and a paper back or two, rounding up chargers (kindle, iPhone, fitbit, etc.), printing out confirmations and reservations, finding all of my travel items, getting my quart-sized bag of 3oz or less liquid containers…

This list is making me feel like I should be working on packing instead of writing. Oops.

We will be gone for two glorious weeks, which is awesome, and then when I come back, I still have a whole month before I even need to think about school or work. But we do come back a mere two days before my cousin;s wedding, which I’m in, so that’s going to be a rush. Fingers crossed that my dress is ready to pick up from the tailors on Monday. And that I can find the jewelry I want to wear…

I digress. Hawaii, yay! I’ll try to blog from there but…meh, I’m on vacation and my posting is spotty at best (I’m trying, my goal is twice a week, we’ll see how that goes).

I’m super excited and I have so much to do but I’m sure it’ll all get done. And if I forget anything, my sister lives near a Target. And you can find everything you need and a million things you never knew you needed at Target.

Now for the second part of the title. Apple cider vinegar.


I know, random. But that’s how I roll. If you haven’t seen it on Pinterest, you may not know this, but apparently, Apple Cider Vinegar does many things. The one I will be focusing on today is hair. You can use Apple Cider Vinegar (hereafter abbreviated ACV) as a sort of cleanser/conditioner. I love this idea, because it’s cheap, it’s chemical free, and my hair is super thin and needs as much help as it can get.

Per a great deal of googling, I learned that ACV cleanses excess product out of your hair, helps fight split ends, and helps your hair hold moisture. All good things.

So I decided to try it. You put some apple cider vinegar in a container with some water (depending on which site you look at, it’s 1 cup water to 1/2 cup vinegar, or 1 part water to 1 part vinegar). I estimated and did about a 1/1 ratio. After shampooing my hair, I dumped this on my head, rubbed it in a bit, and then rinsed it out. I smelled like salad for a few minutes, but the smell was gone long before I left the shower, so that’s good news.

But the best news?

The best news is how my hair feels. This gif expressed my feelings perfectly:


I literally cannot stop touching my hair. It feels SO SOFT. Like it does after they wash it at the salon.


I am so going to keep trying this. I even made myself a little 3oz container of ACV to take to Hawaii. And if continues to work, once I run out of the shampoo I couponed* for, I think I may try no-poo.

*I haven’t bought shampoo in a year, I got a really good deal one day and bought a ton for almost nothing…

Hey, it’s summer, it’s not like I have to go into work if my hair has a hard time transitioning (which, I hear, is occasionally an issue).

I love being a teacher 🙂

Aloha, mahalo, A hui hou kākou

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