Llama, Llama, Run From Mama

In case you missed it, two llamas got loose today in Sun City, Arizona. No, I’m not kidding. The hashtag #llamasontheloose was trending and people were watching the whole thing unfold on TV. If you did miss it, Deadspin has condensed the entire chase and put it to some entertaining music. You can view that video (and see some hilarious gifs) here

It’s pretty entertaining, I’m not gonna lie. 

In fact, it’s been a nice distraction since we are AGAIN snowed in. 

We missed the entire week last week thanks to President’s Day/Snow and we missed yesterday, today, and will miss tomorrow because of the same evil white stuff. 

Yes, I know up north they function with, like, 3 feet of snow and we shut down for 3 inches, but that’s also because we don’t have the equipment to take care of said snow. I think we have 50 plows for three cities to share, and that’s including some privately owned ones. So streets don’t get clear very quickly. 

I did shovel my driveway today. That was a great workout, and I felt productive as well. 

And after that, my family could get out of our house for a bit. Not for anything important, mind you, just to get dollar drinks (tea and soda) from Hardees and chicken nuggets for my notoriously picky father’s lunch.

I kid you not. 

Since I’ve been home, I like to think I’ve been productive, but I haven’t. I did do my budget for March and started working a bit on April and travel plans for the summer. I read. A lot. A whole lot. I researched. I was on Pinterest. I was on Pinterest. I was on Pinterest. 

Yeah…might have been on Pinterest a whole, whole lot. 

While on pinterest/twitter/online shopping, I came across the new swimsuit ads for ModCloth

Let me just derail for a second and explain just how much I love ModCloth. They have absolutely ADORABLE clothing that is, for the most part, reasonably priced. It’s all vintage inspired and indie so no one is going to have the same dress as you. (I’m serious, the only time I’ve ever seen anything I own on someone else was one time a lady on jeopardy was wearing a dress I bought on ModCloth and the next day she had on another ModCloth piece, so she became the person I was cheering for). I digress. Anyway, here are some of the items from my most recent order (I NEED spring so I can wear these!)


Cute, yes?

They sell lots of things, but I’m a big dress wearer when it comes to clothes for work so…yeah. Also, losing weight is great but when a new season rolls around and you’re smaller than you were the last time that season was here…not so good.

Again, digressing.

But that’s not my #1 reason for loving ModCloth. It’s also because they are using their own employees (REAL WOMEN) in their swimsuit ad and have taking the Brave Girls Alliance Heroes Pledge for Advertisers. (read more here) This is the pledge:

Basically, it states that the pictures in an ad need to reflect what the person ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE. 

It’s a little scary how much is photoshopped in/out of photos these days. There was a leaked photo from Victoria’s Secret where they had changed the color of the suits, taken away straps, eliminated any rolls and expression lines, and enhanced the women’s cleavage. So, basically, not humanly possible. 

No cool, Vicky, not cool. 

But they’re not alone. Lots of advertisers, magazines, and others do this. All. The. Time. 

But we’re starting to see a shift. We’re starting to see more companies take the stance against photoshopping, mostly from online retailers, but still, it’s happening. Just take a look at the ad for ModCloth’s bathing suits: 
Personally, I LOVE it. I hate body shaming, and while I am in the process of becoming healthier and losing weight, I also don’t think anyone should be shamed because of the shape they are in. 

In my experience, you can’t really effectively lose weight until you start to love yourself for who you are. So when I finally said “Okay, I’m 180 lbs, which is big for my frame. I have to accept that and rock that” things started to turn around. I ditched any clothes that were too small, except for a few “goal outfits”, and rocked the body I had. Then I decided that if I really loved myself, I would take care of my body. It’s a mind shift from the “I’m fat, I have to lose weight” idea. Soon I began to look at myself and say “I’m okay with this, but I can be better”. And I am. I’m down quite a few pounds since then, and I even fit in two of my four goal outfits (yay!). And I’m not done. But I look in the mirror now and I know that I look good. And when I lose ten more pounds because I am taking care of my body, feeding it the right things, working out, getting regular sleep, etc., I’ll still look good. But it’s all about that acceptance. And these ridiculously skinny girls who are 7 feet tall and photoshopped and made-up and properly lit should not be the standard of beauty. 

This mentality is one of the main reasons I love ModCloth, because they are more about the individual and her style than cookie cutter “you must look like this and wear this” that you see at chain stores. And they have a cook feature where each product that is reviewed might come with the measurements of the reviewer or even a picture of said person in the dress/shirt/pants/etc. 

This means I can find a girl who is close to my size and see her/read what she has to say about an outfit. It’s nice, because sometimes I’ll read a comment and go “good, I won’t buy this because everyone says it’s not good for short girls with large chests…” Or “everyone says that it’s short, but those people are all tall, so this should be the perfect length on my short frame.” Or I look at the pictures and go “That looks so good on her! It would look good on me too!” 

You won’t believe how much this improves shopping for me. It helps me make decisions, helps me not overlook fabulous finds, and generally lets me know if I’m getting a good product for my money. I highly recommend it. 

That’s all for now, I’m going to get back to reading and enjoying my snow days 😀 

We’ve Got Cabin Fever…It’s Burning In Our Brain

We’ve been snowed in for almost a week now. Not Boston-level snowed in by any stretch of the imagination, but snowed in for us, which basically means 4″ of snow, some ice, and Hoth-level temperatures for the rest of the week. Which means I haven’t been in school all week. 

So let me go over a few things I haven’t talked about on my hiatus. First off, can we just celebrate for a moment the fact that the Patriots are SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS?????

I’m done!!! That was such an AWESOME moment. I literally fell on the floor (I was at a party, people can vouch for this).

And I heard the best Boston sports question EVER the week after the Super Bowl:

If you walked into a bar and Malcolm Butler and Dave Roberts were both there and you only have enough money to buy one of them a drink, who do you buy for?

Ug. I can’t even decide. Butler put to rest so many demons…Spygate, 2007, 2011…but Dave Roberts’s steal basically started off the chain reaction that put to rest 86 years of nonsense for the Red Sox. Too hard. Can’t do it.


I’m so stinking excited. Not only because I love baseball (seriously…love it) but because it’s like the heralding of spring. It means that all this stupid winter stuff is going to melt away and the temperatures will warm up (it’s a balmy 18 degrees right now…) and we can pull out the spring clothes and get ready for that magical time known as SUMMER.

I can’t even…

So on to another topic. I’ve had a lot of time this snow break to work on finances. Dave Ramsey. So fun. It’s in the book a little, but I didn’t realize how absolutely irritating the, let’s just call them “DR Doldrums” are. I’m almost done with my first debt (yay!) and then I’ll start snowballing the next debt. And I see the light way, way, way at the end of the tunnel but right now all I keep thinking is “AM I EVER GOING TO HAVE ANY MONEY AGAIN?”. 

I know. I know. Stick to the plan. It’s going to work out if you stick to the plan. It’s like loosing weight. It sucks while you’re doing it, and you may not see progress ALL the time, but the end is worth all the work and sweat and healthy eating. 

I’m going with the mantra I have been learning to apply to everything: Jesus take the wheel.

Right now I’m discouraged, right now I don’t want to snowball my debts, I want to go to Hawaii and buy new spring clothes and shop and go out more. But that’s not how this works. That’s what got me into this mess, and stopping all those behaviors is what will get me out. 

It’s exactly like loosing weight. I had to change the way I ate, completely, before I could really start to lose (30 lbs so far! and continuing) So with my finances I have to change the way I think and the way I do things. And once that first debt is gone, it’ll feel really good and I will get that adrenaline boost, similar to the one you get from losing 5 lbs. And then I’ll feel more ready to tackle the next debt and it will snowball, but right now I still have the debt, I have lots of things coming up I need to pay for, and I’m in the DR Doldrums. I’ll just have to keep watching highlights of Super Bowl XLIX and see pictures from Spring Training to help motivate me. Because if I ever want to GO to spring training or buy Patriots things again, I have to get my brain in a better financial place. 

Jesus take the wheel, cause I’m gonna crash if I drive. And just so I don’t end this blog on a low note, here’s Tom Brady jumping up and down in reaction to the Butler interception (what was Carroll thinking????)