I want these. So. Flipping. Bad. right now. Meh.

Okay, so my semi-avoidance of carbs is going okay. I mean, I think I’m hungrier which means that I haven’t been eating enough protein and I need to fix that, especially for this whole marathon in a year thing. No, I’m not on a weird diet, I can;t digest certain foods and when I accidentally eat them, I need to avoid anything that could have certain insoluble fibers in it. Hence, the carb avoidance.

And I am so excited to be spending time with my beautiful nephew. My perpetual single-hood does have it’s perks, I can just up and go to my sisters for the weekend. Yay. It’s fun to play “creepy crawlies” and run through the clothes at the department store with a two year old. I love being an Aunt. ūüôā

So this week I literally had a super-girly crazy moment when I finally got to see Darcy again on the Lizzie Bennet Diaries. I promise, this blog will not be obsessing about the LBD. Really, there are only two more episodes. So Thursday was amazing. I mean, I wanted Lizzie and Darcy to hash out issues, I did not expect so much cuteness and tie fondling! And then, this morning, there was a Q&A video. With Lizzie. And Darcy. And way more cuteness than I could ever stand. I hate to go all fangirl on you, but here it goes:



Got that out of my system. Sorry. I really can’t help it. It’s totally amazing and if you aren’t watching, go. Do it now.¬†

Now I need to get back to my sister trying to rot my brains by watching the Kardashians…I feel my IQ dropping as I write this. Quick, I need to use some really big words: verisimilitude, existentialism, luminescence.

I feel better. Peace. 

Seriously Freaking Out Over This…

Marathon, schmarathon. I’ll get back to all that tomorrow, though I do intend to go on a nice long walk on the treadmill at the Y later. (Yay back injury!) I have a good book which should keep me occupied for the duration of my walk, or I might watch a bit of TV. I love that they have little TVs on most of the treadmills and you can change the channel to what you want to watch, even better.¬†

Again, working out is SO not what I want to talk about. If you haven’t watched it yet, stop reading this, go¬†HERE¬†and watch the Lizzie Bennet Diaries from the beginning. It’s only the most awesome modern adaptation of Pride and Prejudice ever, if only for the fact that the characters have twitter accounts and tumblr accounts and they interact with their audience. And then it actually is a really well done adaptation with great acting and character development, especially in the case of Lydia Bennet. Go! Watch now!¬†If you have, and you have watched episode 97 “Special Delivery” keep reading. If you don’t want to be spoiled and want to see the end of this entry, scroll down until you see a big blue¬†okay.

keep scrolling. I don’t want to accidentally spoil anything.

a little bit more.


Okay. OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH!!!!! I literally squealed, SQUEALED during the last thirty seconds of today’s episode. I knew¬†the doorbell was not Chinese. I knew it was Darcy, but still. I mean, we get one little sliver of Darcy, wearing what appears to be a vest and tie. Why does that matter? Because I totally want Lizzie to grab him by his suspenders and kiss him but that is totally secondary so long as they actually KISS!¬†

Charlotte was totally in on it, and whatever happened with Lizzie and Darcy, I’m guessing it made Lizzie happy if her twitter account has anything to do with it. Before the episode, I thought it was just silly stuff, now I think there is something there. Of course, we will have to wait until Thursday¬†before another new episode comes out, but there are only three left! I mean, they have to confess their feelings, Lizzie has to confront him about the Lydia thing, then they have to hash out all the ugly stuff: the letter, when they really started to be in love, Lizzie’s words rejecting him, etc. And of course THEY HAVE TO KISS! If we got a Jane/Bing kiss, we have to have a Lizzie/Darcy kiss.¬†

End LBD rant.


Enough of that. I will, however, say that anything that makes me go “squeeeeeeee” is totally amazing because I am not a squealing RomCom loving kind of girl. I like sports, you know? And I hate when people put fruit in my drinks and I hate movies where I can guess what the people are going to say before they say it, like most romantic comedies¬†nowadays. I like blood, guts, explosions like in James Bond movies and¬†Vikings and The¬†Walking Dead. So it is¬†definitely¬†worth a look. Did I mention that Darcy looks like this:¬†

Yep. Adorbs. I can’t believe I just said that, but I did. He is. Off to clean/gym/buy stuff for my kiddos¬†because¬†I promised them treats and I actually don’t have any yet…yikes!¬†

365 Days to 26.2 miles

I kind of want this sticker, it’s an accurate description

So I am reviving this blog again. Mostly because I just really need a writing outlet (grad school + full time job + part time job = insanity!). Okay, I need a writing outlet that does not involve research papers and pedagogy and cooperative educational theories…you get the idea. In one year (I’m guessing, they don’t have the date of the race up yet) I will be running a Marathon. Yep. I’m only¬†overweight,¬†out of shape, with a pulled back muscle and bad knees, but whatever. I’ve done two half marathons, I’m not getting any younger, and I want to start crossing things off my bucket list.¬†

With the bad back, I am limited to walking and light yoga for a few weeks. It’s all good. I’ve got time. The marathon is in a year. I’m using this blog as a means of accountability. I am determined to be honest with the blog, so that means if I post that I went on a three mile run, I actually have to have gone on a three mile run. Honestly, I sometimes think that if I’m skinny all my problems will go away. Not true. Not true at all but I admit to having those thoughts. Doesn’t everyone? I also just really want to be able to be¬†the athlete I am without getting hurt all the time.¬†

Seriously. I am actually really athletic. I just told you I ran two half marathons. That’s 13.1 miles people. Twice. I play softball, I do zumba, I like to hike. I just wish I did it all with some¬†consistency¬†and had better self control when it comes to food. I love food. And reading and watching TV and sewing and painting and crafting and all sorts of indoor activities that sometimes (a lot of times) get in the way of the working out. No more. I am resolved to try. I’ve given up resolving to succeed, because then I just get frustrated with a lack of results (after, like, a week) and go back to my old habits.¬†

New goal: trying. I am going to try. And I have some awesome rewards. I got three fantastic¬†dresses on super clearance at (freaking AWESOME site, btw) and they are all just a bit too small. Progressively so. One is just a bit tight, then the next is a bit smaller, and one is my end-goal dress. I love them and I really, really want to wear them so I am hoping that dangling cute dresses in front of myself will remind me one, why I am attempting this, and two, these things take time. They don’t happen overnight.¬†

So, here goes nothing Internet. 365 days to 26.2 miles. And with any luck, without about 20 (or 30) pounds.