We’ve Got Cabin Fever…It’s Burning In Our Brain

We’ve been snowed in for almost a week now. Not Boston-level snowed in by any stretch of the imagination, but snowed in for us, which basically means 4″ of snow, some ice, and Hoth-level temperatures for the rest of the week. Which means I haven’t been in school all week. 

So let me go over a few things I haven’t talked about on my hiatus. First off, can we just celebrate for a moment the fact that the Patriots are SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS?????

I’m done!!! That was such an AWESOME moment. I literally fell on the floor (I was at a party, people can vouch for this).

And I heard the best Boston sports question EVER the week after the Super Bowl:

If you walked into a bar and Malcolm Butler and Dave Roberts were both there and you only have enough money to buy one of them a drink, who do you buy for?

Ug. I can’t even decide. Butler put to rest so many demons…Spygate, 2007, 2011…but Dave Roberts’s steal basically started off the chain reaction that put to rest 86 years of nonsense for the Red Sox. Too hard. Can’t do it.


I’m so stinking excited. Not only because I love baseball (seriously…love it) but because it’s like the heralding of spring. It means that all this stupid winter stuff is going to melt away and the temperatures will warm up (it’s a balmy 18 degrees right now…) and we can pull out the spring clothes and get ready for that magical time known as SUMMER.

I can’t even…

So on to another topic. I’ve had a lot of time this snow break to work on finances. Dave Ramsey. So fun. It’s in the book a little, but I didn’t realize how absolutely irritating the, let’s just call them “DR Doldrums” are. I’m almost done with my first debt (yay!) and then I’ll start snowballing the next debt. And I see the light way, way, way at the end of the tunnel but right now all I keep thinking is “AM I EVER GOING TO HAVE ANY MONEY AGAIN?”. 

I know. I know. Stick to the plan. It’s going to work out if you stick to the plan. It’s like loosing weight. It sucks while you’re doing it, and you may not see progress ALL the time, but the end is worth all the work and sweat and healthy eating. 

I’m going with the mantra I have been learning to apply to everything: Jesus take the wheel.

Right now I’m discouraged, right now I don’t want to snowball my debts, I want to go to Hawaii and buy new spring clothes and shop and go out more. But that’s not how this works. That’s what got me into this mess, and stopping all those behaviors is what will get me out. 

It’s exactly like loosing weight. I had to change the way I ate, completely, before I could really start to lose (30 lbs so far! and continuing) So with my finances I have to change the way I think and the way I do things. And once that first debt is gone, it’ll feel really good and I will get that adrenaline boost, similar to the one you get from losing 5 lbs. And then I’ll feel more ready to tackle the next debt and it will snowball, but right now I still have the debt, I have lots of things coming up I need to pay for, and I’m in the DR Doldrums. I’ll just have to keep watching highlights of Super Bowl XLIX and see pictures from Spring Training to help motivate me. Because if I ever want to GO to spring training or buy Patriots things again, I have to get my brain in a better financial place. 

Jesus take the wheel, cause I’m gonna crash if I drive. And just so I don’t end this blog on a low note, here’s Tom Brady jumping up and down in reaction to the Butler interception (what was Carroll thinking????)

A Hairy Situation: Boston’s Best (Facial*) Hair

*may include some non-facial hair

While we wait anxiously for baseball season to start, recover from last night’s buzzer loss to the Lakers, and wonder about Matt Cassel now that he’s  been tagged, I’ve decided to lighten the mood and take a look at some of the best hair around Beantown. These are in no particular order, because I had a hard time judging soul patch against stash against scruff. 

So, without Further Ado, here are some hair-raising examples.


And so here we have Dustin Pedroia’s scruff/goatee. This changes throughout the season, sometimes he’s clean-shaven, sometimes he’s just got scruff, sometimes he’s got scruff and goatee, sometimes just the goatee. We applaud Dustin for his artistic shaving, and it is our opinion that the ever-changing hair is somehow tied to Tito…but we have no proof.



Josh Beckett for the Red Sox and KG for the Celtics representing the “Soul Patch”

Now, many of the C’s rock this look from week to week, but Josh is the main member of the Red Sox who so effortlessly rocks the soul patch. Again, we have no explanation for the tuft of hair these gentlemen prefer, but the way they play the game, we don’t question it.

oline.jpgThe New England Patriots O-Line, AKA “The Mountain Men”. Their signature beards are grown throughout the season until they look like this. Its either an intimidation tactic, a bonding experience, or both, but either way, I feel sorry for some of their wives. They make our list for the sheer lumberjack-ness of their hair.

papshair.jpgJonathan Papelbon’s Hair. While it doesn’t count as facial hair, its too much fun not to mention here. On one side, we have the mohawk. The entire Rays team had those last year, and they weren’t intimidating, especially on Joe Madden, but on Paps, we like it. On the other side we have the signature spiked look, which was rocked for most of the 2007 World Series run. So while its not on his face, we love it and him, so he makes the list.


Tom Brady may have the world’s most famous stubble, but he has been known to rock a bit more of a beard, which we suspect is in support of his mountainous o-line. The stubble is, however, much more attractive, and on Brady’s already handsome face, makes him look rugged and manly. The beard…not so much. While we appreciate the bonding, we think Tom should stick to the stubble.

welker.jpgThen we have everyone’s favorite slot machine, Wes Welker. He, like Pedroia, likes to shake things up, but his most famous (or infamous) cut is the mustache. Now, we secretly called it the “porn star ‘stache”, but when he rocks it with a beard, its much less creepy. All in all, we’re in favor of the light scruff, its less creepy, or clean-shaven, which is also good.

And finally…

Youk. Kevin Youkilis has been clean-shaven, but lately, he’s been rocking the goatee. We much prefer the goatee. We have a theory that its an intimidation technique, and goes well with the intense, scary, persona he has when he plays (we also think that Youk doesn’t shower to help with that persona, or at least, lets people think he doesn’t). Its the most famous goatee on the Red Sox roster, and gives us all hope that Youk will always play with intensity, grit, and consistency. Funny how a little bit of hair can say so much. Maybe the goatee is why Joba Chamberlain is out to get him?

That’s all the hair I have today. If I missed anyone or you think someone should not be on this list, let me know, maybe I’ll add them in.

We’ll be doing the “Best Of” for the next few weeks. Anything to get us through until opening day. Next up: “Best Fans”, we’ll look at Damon’s Diciples, the Bleacher Creatures, and the Royal Rooters, to name just a few.

Varitek, Sox Together Again. Officially.

Finally, the Varitek saga, which has kept us all hitting “refresh” on google news/Boston Globe/ESPN, whatever, is over.

Reports are that Jason Varitek has agreed to the one
year , $5 million dollar contract with the club/player options for the
second year. All I have to say is hal-le-freaking-lu-jah!

    Of course, now that the Captain is back,
what am I ever going to obsess about? I mean, spring training doesn’t
officially start until Feb 14th, which is two weeks from now. And yes,
there is that little game called the Superbowl on
Sunday, and I can obsess about the Cassel questions and the NFL off-season.

    Note to Patriots, if you are even listening: half the Baltimore
defense are unrestricted free agents this year. Grab as many as you can
get your hands on. Please.

As for the Cassel/Brady drama…maybe that will be
enough to keep me occupied now that the Tek saga is done, and the Sox
unlikely to make any more off-season moves. But of course, since its
the Patriots, the amount of information we’ll be able to get on the
Brady/Cassel situation (how is Tom’s knee, are the Pats keeping Cassel,
are they going to tag him…etc) will be slim to none.
Thanks for the closed-mouth attitude, Bill. Most days, I don’t mind
that, but when you want to know something, the Patriots can be
down-right annoying.

    Back to baseball. Red Sox Nation rejoice, we have a catcher. I know
Tek was like an automatic out last season, but its not like there’s
anyone out there who can step in and take his place. Now we’ll just
ease Tek out of the position, introduce a new catcher, get the staff acclimated to the new guy, so that we can phase Tek out in 2010. And
you never know, he could have a brilliant season in 2009 and bounce
back a little. Call me crazy, but it could happen.