17! 17! 17!


Boston won. Heck yes.

Can we just discuss how great this is? Can we discuss how terrible the Lakers played? How amazing were the C’s?

131-92. That’s terrible.

I went to a sports bar to watch the final game, and it just kills me that I can’t be in Beantown to watch the Duck Boats roll by. Rondo played out of his mind, Ray-Ray made threes like they were facing elimination, KG was absolutely fierce, and Paulie was all heart. I think the best moment was KG hugging Bill Russell, who earlier in the season told KG he could have one of his rings if Kevin never won one of his own, and you hear KG telling Bill “I got one of my own. I got one of my own. I hope we made you proud.”

I tihnk you did, Kevin. I think you did.

Here’s a look back at the Big Three (who apparently need a new name, since “Big Three” isn’t creative enough)


In other news, lets talk Sox for a minute. Currently the Red Sox are without Manny, Papi, Dice-K and now Colon…

…and they’re winning.

Go figure

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