An Ode To Boston

This is what I wrote for ESPN’s Titletown thingy…when I wasn’t doing the write-in campaign to get Jacoby Ellsbury on the All-Star Ballot

What defines Titletown?
Is it the wins of its teams?
Or the history it brings?
Is it the voices of the fans?
Or the greats whose retired numbers grace the stands?
Where is this Titletown?
Where can this place be found?
I have a for your consideration,
Beantown. Boston. The home of the Nation

From Beantown comes moments so great
As Vintari’s three field goals late
Which aided the Pats in the dynastic run
Guys like Bruschi, Brady, and Bill getting it done
Add to the mix Moss, Watson and Welker
You’ve got an offense so hot it’s making us swelter

Then we move from the field to the floor
Where there’s been a turn-around like never before
Where the fans cheer on the Big Three
Of Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and KG
They clobbered the Lakers, I tell you the truth
And raised the 17th banner to the Garden roof

Moving from the court to the dugout
We have a huge list of names we could trot out
We have Big Papi, Mike Lowell, and J.D. Drew
Beckett, Varitek, Youk, and Manny too.
At closing (and dancing), Papelbon rules
While rookie Ellsbury makes Boston women drool
Not that looks should contribute to this
But seven World Series wins are hard to miss

To further prove the case, we now take a closer look
At all that’s written in Boston’s history books
As the Boston American’s they were the first
To take the World Series in the days before the Curse
And even though the Curse was in full swing
No one was greater than Williams and Yastrzemski
Even if they never won the day,
They’re Hall of Famers each and every way

And who could forget the Celtics of old?
Hondo, Cousy and McHale’s stories are still told
Around the Garden, the great legacy lingers
Russell and Bird have a combined 14 rings on their fingers
17 championship banners hang in honor
Of a team that has won more than any other

Then we have the Bruins, who once shared the floor
With the Celtics team we mentioned before
5 times they’ve raised the Stanley cup high
And have the most playoff appearances – 29 times
Orr, Bucyk, Neely and Esposito dazzled with their play
And made sure the Bruins were in Boston to stay

In both college and high school, the athletes are great
And Boston fans remain faithful, even in a new state
I speak from experience, be cause I am
A second-generation transplanted fan
Such faithful following and champions abounding
Leaves Boston as the only town for crowning
And just in case I haven’t convinced you yet,
I have a few more champs I ask you not to forget

John Hannah raised the bar on Offensive Line play
And Carlton Fisk got things done in a Hall of Fame way
And who could forget Curt Schilling’s bloody sock?
As the 2004 World Series he did rock
So whether you’re in the Garden, in Fenway or Gillette
There is one town you just can’t forget
It’s Boston, that town that just keeps winning
Playing their hearts out in every quarter, period and inning

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