Can We Get Some Relief for the Middle Relief?

Our pitching staff single-handedly lost last night’s game. Dustin Pedroia did everything he could to keep the sweep from happening, Dice-K did great, and then…Manny D forgets to cover 1st. We let the Rays load the bases so that slugger B.J. Upton (who is a very nice guy – I graduated with his little brother) can step up to the plate. All we had to do was maintain the lead so Pap can come in and keep us from getting swept by the Rays.

Oh well, it’s only the beginning of July. And as insider to baseball, Cal Ripkin said “It still hinges upon Boston and New York. Tampa Bay is going to play a
role in the Wild Card and in the division title down the stretch, but I
think New York and Boston have too much experience and too much talent
and those players will start stepping up. This is about gathering
momentum and believing in yourself down the stretch.”

Which is exactly what I’ve been saying. The Rays are good, no denying that, but when it comes to the post-season, their lack of experience is going to hurt.  So now the two-way battle for first in the AL East has become a 3-way. The Boston-Yankees battle has now become a Boston-Yankees-DEVIL Rays hate triangle.

I gotta say, as any good sports fan, I’m worried. But then I’m not, because we’ve been here before, we’ll get back to the top.

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