So Good, So Good, So Good

Before we begin, I’d like to take a moment of silence for the city of Seattle. I can’t imagine what they’re going through.

Done. Okay. On to baseball! It’s always a good day when we beat the Yankees. When we beat the Yankees with a Jon Lester complete game shut out? Lets just say the Rays series stings a bit less (no pun intended) And Tek got a hit. Yay! All is right in my world tonight, and I can start praying for a Tampa Bay meltdown…probably not going to happen, but hey, its something we can hope for.

Congrats to Dustin Pedroia (or, D.P. as we lovingly call him) on extending his hitting streak to 11 games. J.D. was Mr. June…could Dustin be  Mr. July?  Don’t know. We also find out how many of the boys will be taking the field for the All-Star game. Probably a lot. And Tito gets to run the show. I feel like this is just torture for the Yankees, and its sadistic, but I love watching them get tortured.

And who doesn’t love Lester? I mean, how can you not? He’s one of those players who you have a grudging respect for even if you hate their team (like my relationship with Jeter. Respect him. Great player. I’d love him if he played for anyone else, but I can’t hate him. He’s too much of a class act.) Lester is one of those guys that you just have to love. I think this is Lester’s year. I mean, he’s got the no-no, two complete game shut-outs…could we add a ring to this to top it all off? I think so.

Here’s to Beckett and the Fourth of July! Happy Independence Day, y’all! (What, I may like the Sox, but I’m still a southerner) Shouldn’t we automatically win on the 4th since Boston was like, huge in winning this whole Independence thing? Ya know, Paul Revere, Boston Tea Party, Boston Massacre…isn’t there some karma from that or something?

And I’ll leave you with a few thoughts.

Burn Notice is a great show. Check it out! (It has the line: “Guns make you stupid. But Duct tape? Duct tape makes you smart.”)

-Jacoby Ellsbury is like the Speedy Gonzales of Baseball. No joke.

-One of the issues facing the Sox at the end of the year is Jason Varitek’s free agency. Normally, I am against falling in love with a player and thus not letting them go when it’s time, but removing Tek is like taking away the soul of the team, a great defensive player, and an almost coach. How stupid would you have to be to trade the Captain? The guy who manages games better than any other catcher in the league? (Note: I fully believe the Sox will re-sign Tek, but this is just me getting out my two cent)

-A sweep of the Yanks would be great. Really, really, really great.

One final thing: this is from March, but it’s too funny to pass up. Look up “Mike Lowell’s Dancing With the All-Stars”. This isi from March
but it still makes me laugh. There should be four videos that go along
with these three pictures, along with mentions of Nutrisystem, being
turned on, and the ownership of a particular shirt.




So good, so good, so good.

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