Aye Aye, Captain

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Jason Varitek hit a 2-run shot to put the Sox over the Mariners last night. I feel like that needs its own headline.

072208_tek329__1216704928_9626.jpgI really hate west coast swings. I mean, the games go so late, and I have to work in the morning. But at least I got to go to bed happy.

Can we just discuss how much of a beast Lester is? I mean, in 103 pitches (which went well into the 8th inning) he threw 18 balls. That’s enough to walk 4 batters. Just 4. And he didn’t walk anyone. That boy is solid. And Pedroia. 22-game hit streak. 22 games. He doesn’t always hit deep or hard, but he’s a staple on base. Now if we could just get Papi back and get JD out of his double-play hitting streak, we’d be good. As for Ellsbury, I’m not too worried, I think he’s just in a slump, and these things happen. We, as fans, just have to keep the faith and hope. We still have one of the best teams in baseball, and we’re fierce down the stretch. I don’t know what has gotten me into such an upbeat mood, maybe its because my boy got a hit…I don’t know.

Lets talk about Tek. Tek is my boy. I have been waiting for him to battle out of this slump for months. And his contract is up this year…I don’t think we should give him a 4 year deal, but I think the dumbest move the Sox could make would be to get rid of Tek. I don’t care what he’s hitting, if he gets into too bad of a slump we can always pinch-hit for him. There is nothing that compares to the defense and intangibles that he brings to the team. You can’t get rid of the Captain…that doesn’t even make sense.

Next up, Dice-K vs. Dickey. Here’s to another late night. 🙂 Go Sox!

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