So Long, Farewell – But Not That Well

Manny is gone. Wait, no really. Manny is gone. There will be no more calls from inside the wall, no more antics. And I don’t care. Okay, I care. I’m a little sad, I’m gonna miss the crazy man, but now, at least, we won’t have to deal with it anymore, and I know life will be much easier on Tito.
The only thing I am worried about is Papi. I hope he’s still happy in Boston, but he and Manny were good friends…so I don’t know. Papi, we still love you, and I will absolutely cry if you leave us. Do I think this will help? Probably. We needed a bat to back up Ortiz, we got that, and hopefully we’re done with the antics. At least, the detrimental ones.
I’m interested in what can happen. Right now, I’m in limbo on how I feel about the Red Sox. I agree with what Alex Cora said. They are playing like they don’t have any energy. Maybe some new (and younger) blood will get the Sox moving again. Youk is on a hitting streak, Pedroia is the Destroya, Ellsbury seems to be excelling in his new spot, and JD Drew has been better about not hitting into double plays. We’re still waiting for them to get on a streak, but I always have faith that they will.

So long Manny. I hope you are happy now, because you clearly weren’t happy at Boston. I feel like this will do nothing but good. So here’s to life after Manny, may it go well.

One thought on “So Long, Farewell – But Not That Well

  1. No crying in baseball! Your management made a huge mistake by trading Manny. As a Yankee fan I wanted to thank Theo, Larry, and Mr. Henry. It is an awesome day to be a Yankee fan. No hard feelings.

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