"Youk" Can’t Stop the Beat

Well, I was worried there for a moment. My boy, my favorite pitcher, my rock in all the storms, gave up two runs in the first and I thought it was all over.
Of course, then Pedroia got things started with a single, and Youk took one to the Monster Seats. Two run shot, Sox suddenly tie the game. Big Papi singled, so did Mikey. Then Bay took one out of the park, a three-run shot and the Sox are in the lead.



They would make it through the order in the first inning and go on to win 12-2 after another two-run shot from Youk.

Lowrie was good (again. That guy is a beast w/RISP) The bull pen was good, and Jon-Boy made it to seven, so that’s always good. (Since the bull pen is my main worry, anytime they have a good outing, I’m happy). Could trading Manny have been the best idea they’ve ever had? I wouldn’t go that far, and I’m not jumping on the Bay-is-better-than-Manny bus. He is a better fielder, and his numbers are close to Manny’s (hitting wise) but he’s younger. Only time will tell, but so far, the trade has not hurt the Sox. That is always a good thing.

For some non baseball news, Long-time Patriot (he still works in the front office) Andre Tippett was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame today. (Yay!) As were Redskins (hey, I’m from VA) Darrell Green and Art Monk. Art received a four-minute long standing ovation from the crowd and the Hall of Famers present at the ceremony (90% of the crowd were Redskins fans, but in Monk’s case, he deserved it)

monk.jpg All in all, it was a great ceremony (I watched that on espn while watching the Sox on mlb.tv) and all the new inductees were worthy, worthy guys. Now if we could only get Jim Rice into the baseball HOF…but thats a story for another day. Tomorrow we wrap up the series (and hopefully the A’s) with Dice on the mound.

Oh, and this just in. About an hour after they told him he was traded, Boras called Theo on behalf of Manny asking to stay in Boston, they could drop the options on him and Manny wouldn’t cause any trouble the rest of the season. Papi is wearing Manny’s wrist bands, but hopefully, he will recover and be the happy, wonderful batter we know he is.

And yes, I know that title is way cheesy, but it made me laugh, so it stays.

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