Wake Up The Bats

Finally, Wake gets the bats he needs to record a win. And it came on a night without Youk and without Pedroia. Yeah. Now add them back into the lineup, and we have a fierce offense even without Manny.

Wake had a great outing. And he left the game in the lead and they won. Yay!

Ellsbury hit a three run homer in the seventh. Uh-hu. I’m thinking maybe the slump is over. And that great catch. in the fifth…head over heels with infielders all around.


Ellsbury watches the ball go over the center field wall for a three-run shot in the 7th.

ecathc.png Ellsbury continues to roll after a great catch in the 5th.

Jason Bay has hit safely in every game he’s played in a Red Sox uniform. True, that’s only been six games, but he seems to be fitting right in with the rest of the boys. We win the rubber game against the Royals, and hey, we have a winning record on the road for this trip (just making lemonade here, people)

After a day off, here’s to Youk’s health (which seems okay) Mikey’s health (which also seems okay) and Papi’s wrist (which again, seems okay). I feel like this is a brand new team, like they have a new lease on the season. Now if only the Rays would start losing…

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