Holy Dying Birds, Bat-Men!

14-2 is just depressing. If you’re the Orioles, that is. Clearly, the Sox have Liz’s number. They killed him last time, and they really killed him this time. The Red Sox brought the bats to bear again, and again, and again, finishing the game with 20 hits, even with the “JV” team in and Cash pinch-hitting to basically bring up his average in a game that was over in the 4th, pretty much.

Lester made a strong start for the month of September, allowing only 1 run on 6 hits in 5 innings. While he usually goes longer, with the Sox ahead 11-1, no reason to tire him out.


The only dark side of the night was I almost had to cheer for the Yankees. As much as it pains me to say that…nope. screw it. I won’t cheer for the Evil Empire, I will cheer for a Tampa Bay Rays loss. Which actually happened, so yay for the Sox!

One more game for the Sox-Os series, at 135 tomorrow. Dice-K vs. ? (no, seriously, it says TBD)

Hopefully Youk won’t have to scratch this game (please let the back spasms be something small and fleeting!) but does he get the number 4 spot back from Dustin? That is, of course, up to Tito, but Dustin hits well no matter where he is in the line-up. The offense looked much tighter tonight as opposed to last night, as the Sox battered Liz for 9 runs, then went to work on the bull pen for 5 more.

In other news, Youk has been nominated to receive the Roberto Clemente Award, which awards players who are great sports, with great community involvement, where their individual accomplishments are geared towards aiding the team, and who best exemplifies the game of
baseball. Youk’s charity, Kevin Youkilis Hits for Kids, as well as his constant work for the Jimmy Fund, have already earned him awards from the organization itself.

See you tomorrow, Sox fans!

2 thoughts on “Holy Dying Birds, Bat-Men!

  1. Hi again, Sara.

    You’re too funny about cheering for the Yankees. I know it’s about the Rays losing and the magic number and all that. But tell the truth: You miss the Yankees being in the hunt. Admit it. It’s much more fun when you’re looking in your rearview mirror. And I have to admit, I check the Red Sox scores no matter what’s going on in the standings. In fact, I’m going back on my blog right now to post a link to a NY Times piece I wrote about my love/hate relationship with the Sox. It was picked up in the Globe and the Providence Journal, so maybe you saw it, but it says it all for me.
    – Jane


  2. Hey, Sara …

    Well, thanks for rooting for the Rays to lose last night against the Yankees … It def helped, as the Yankees continue to stay in the race in the AL East with their 7-2 win … As a life-long Yankees fan, I think the “Yankees vs. Red Sox” rivalry, is the greatest in the history of baseball and all sports; So, I hope the Rays go on a long losing streak, totally fall out of the race, and then the Yankees and Red Sox can fight it out for the AL Division Championship, in the final three games of the season, on September 26, 27, and 28th, at Fenway Park … Sara, you have an excellent blog … Keep up the great work !!! … Also, you are welcome to visit my blog, any time !!! … Jimmy [27NYY] …


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