Chasing the Rays is Fun, Especially if your the Sox

The Wild Card-leading Red Sox dropped one in the ninth at home against Tampa Bay last night, but relax Red Sox Nation. It’s all good. Listen to the dugout quotes following the down-to-the-wire loss last night:

Sean Casey: “This is my 11th year in the big leagues, and this is one of the best
teams I’ve been on, in terms of people…Talent-wise
and people-wise, I don’t think I’ve ever played on a team like this.”

El Capitan (Varitek): “We need to continue what we’ve been doing. Playing the game right and going out and playing good baseball.”

The ever-venerable Tito: “It’s just a bunch of guys who seem to like to play baseball, it makes my job
a lot more fun.”

So while we’re now 1.5 games behind the Rays instead of a half game up, we have some good games coming up, and good news is, we probably won’t have to face Halladay.

Bring on the rubber-match. Go Sox!

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