Red Sox Edge Doc and Go Bop to the Trop

We’ll start off with a little bit of FOOTBALL!

Matt Cassel started his first game today for the Patriots, and while it wasn’t stellar in the beginning, I see some definate potential there. Cassel notched his first win as a starter, and was the first (of six) to start his first game against the Farve and win it. Defense looked good, though that secondary is still a little worrisome. They looked pretty good going against someone like Farve, who has the potential to smoke them every time.

Wes Welker had an amazing night (too bad he was on my fantasy opponent’s team) and it was a good showing for the Patriots, who look to still take the AFC East, even without their franchise man Tom Brady.

On to baseball…

Okay, I am a High School Musical fiend. I mean, I love it and I freely admit to it. So when the Red Sox had their annual Rookie initiation yesterday, imagine my joy when I saw they made the rookies (most of them in drag) dress as characters from High School Musical. (See video here)

Hence the title. With a Sox win against Doc Halladay (masterfully out-dueled by Lester) and alesterpitch.png Rays loss to the Yankees, we are back within 1 of the AL East and heading to face the East leaders themselves at home. I think its only fair, having beat us two games at home, that we go back and sweep them at home (note, this is doubtful due to the fact that Kazmir is starting tonight).

(photo at

After losing two to the Rays (one on a questionable “out” at first in the 9th that would have turned the game around) the Red Sox look to regain the series and win a few in the Trop. Both teams are sending strong pitchers to the mound in Dice-K and Kazmir. Dice was a little shaky in his last start, but if he gets it under control, we could be looking at another pitchers duel. (Two nights in a row, wow!)

Now, on to my campaign section:

pedey smile.pngDustin Pedroia for MVP: I don’t care how tall he really is or that he’s cooled off a little lately, this man should be MVP. He trains hard, plays harder and steps up to the plate and does whatever is needed to help the team. He gets into that batters box knowing he’s going to get a hit and thinking that no one, not Doc Halladay, not Kazmir, should be able to get him out. He leads the league in hits (200), doubles (50) and is 2nd in runs scored (113). He’s 17-18 on stolen bases and is a great 2nd basemen. Someone like that deserves to be AL MVP! (Or Youk, but my pick is Pedroia)

2008 Roberto Clemente Award

Kevin Youkilis is nominated for the Clemente award, the nominees were chosen for their sportsmanship, community involvement and the positive things they bring to the team. Vote HERE

That’s all the campaigning I have for now. I’ll leave you with the video “Bop to the Top” just to get you in a cheerful mood before the Sox take on Kazmir and the Rays at the Trop.

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