An Ode To The Cathedral

Farewell Yankee Stadium, it’s been fun
Some games we lost, some games we won
You’ve stood strong for many, many years
Your closing brings me to tears
Not because I root for the Yanks, believe me
But because of all the things you’ve stood to see

Pedro Martinez notching 17 Ks
Most ever against the Yanks in a single day
Curt’s damaged ankle and the sock that it stained
Damon’s grand slam as the pennant they claimed
Papi’s homers gave us hope that soon,
We would have a reason to forget Aaron **** Boone
It was the place that Teddy Ballgame got his first start
And where Lou Gehrig touched all our hearts
It was here a 1-hitter and a catch by Yastrzemski
Kicked off the season of the Impossible Dream

You’ve witnessed history, both the good and the bad
Some times you were happy, sometimes you were sad
And even a Sox fan has to admit
The greats who played here are hard to forget
Names like Mantel, DiMaggio, Yogi and Maris
Gave us all memories that we could cherish

Records have been set, many have been broken
Teams have caught fire, others were caught choking
And when the Sox come to play when you are gone,
They’ll fondly remember you, but then play on

So from a Red Sox fan to the great stadium,
So long, farewell, and thanks for the fun

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