Red Sox Honor Pesky, Prepare for the Post-Season

It’s almost October. The weather is starting to change, the leaves are turning colors, and most importantly, eight teams are gearing up for the post-season. Well, seven. By Wednesday we’ll know the eighth.

The Red Sox honored Johnny Pesky by retiring his number. Finally. I fully believe the Red Sox are a little harsh in their restrictions on retiring numbers. But…Johnny deserves this, and he will always be remembered. He’s got the Pesky pole!

On to the post-season. Lester will get the start on Wednesday due to a minor oblique injury suffered by Josh Beckett, who will start game 3. Tito’s got some roster decisions coming up, including what to do with Lowell and Drew. Drew played 7 solid innings on Sunday, without an issue. Hopefully, this is a good sign.

And for everyone who really wanted the AL East crown…don’t worry about it. Good thing is, as of Wednesday, everyone is 0-0. Yes, the Angels killed us this year, but remember, those games came right as Manny was at his worst. The teams that met in the regular season are not the same teams that will take the field on Wednesday.

So prepare your rally caps, your favorite lucky t-shirts, and your hope for this coming October. May it be a long one for the Sox. Also, thank the good Lord above that you aren’t a Mets fan. So when you’re worried about playing the Angels, think of it this way: it could be worse, you could be the Mets.

I’m so excited. LETS GO RED SOX!

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