Are Your Ready For Some Football?

The Pats take the field tonight against the high-powered Broncos offense. Good news for the Pats: there is no defense to speak of. On the other hand, the Pats D and the offense have been inconsistent, driving fantasy owners and fans crazy.
My fantasy team tanked this week, but it tanked like a Rockstar. At this point, there is no way I can win, so I concede the week to make myself better in the long run (by not having to get rid of any of my insanely talented RBs.)
Mostly, I just really need the Pats to pull it off tonight because I’m still reeling from last night, as I’m sure most Boston fans are. I can now fully devote myself to the blogging and watching of football, and won’t have to split my time until the NBA season heats up.

On the college front:

JMU is still number one and mercifully had a bye week to nurse all their many injuries. Next week we take on Nova, which should prove to be a difficult game. Nevertheless, I have faith, as I always do.

So go Dukes! and Go Pats!

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