Oh Say Can You Sing? You Pick!

Okay, so I’m gonna take a little detour off of off-season baseball moves (lots of talk, not so much action at the moment) and do a little poll. We’ve all heard the National Anthem sung hundreds of times at major sporting events, but which times were the best? I have a list here for you to look at, submit your vote in the comments section! Two of these versions got me all kinds of choked up.

First, we have Faith Hill

Then, these little girls (ranging from ages 6-8) singing the national anthem at a Texas Tech game.

Whitney Houston at Superbowl 25

Marvin Gaye at the 1983 NBA All-Star Game

John Williams Conducting the Boston Pops World Series Game 1 2007

Christina Aguilera (at age 11) Sings at Game 2 of the Stanley Cup

Mary J Blige at the 2004 NFL Kick-off

Carrie Underwood 2007 World Series Game 3

The Backstreet Boys Singing the National Anthem at the 2008 World Series Game 1

Finally, the Crowd at a Red Sox game helping a handicapped man sing


Hope you all enjoyed this! I did. Nominees were chosen based on singing ability, arrangement, creativity, and pure heart. Clearly, there are several I have left off (Hendrix, etc) but these are some of my favorites.

Back to the regular baseball blogging next time.

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