Sox Reportedly Make Offer to Tek

According to a Boston Globe article found here, the Red Sox have formally offered Jason Varitek a deal. While the specifics are unclear, it is likely that it is less than the previously offered $10 million arbitration deal, it may be for two years or contain an option for a second year contingent on at-bats or something.

If you ask me, its about time.

While there is no word on any deadline for Tek and the Prince of Darkness (Boras) to accept this deal, pitchers and catchers report on February 12th, a few short weeks from now.

Also, in other breaking news, Sean Casey, the fun-loving first baseman who pitch hit well for the Sox last season has decided to retire and join the MLBNetwork, according to reports. All I have to say is good luck Sean, he will be an excellent addition to the staff at the network.

3 thoughts on “Sox Reportedly Make Offer to Tek

  1. “chowdah!!!!!!”
    i WAS gonna say Welcome to mlblogs, but it looks like you’ve been here for a while.. how about, “Nice to meet you”?

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