Super Bowl, Super Broke, and Six Times a Bridesmaid

Well, the Super Bowl is tomorrow.

The Super Bowl is tomorrow. 

Holy cow, the Super Bowl is tomorrow!!! Yeah!!!!

So I’m off to the grocery store in about ten minutes, just as soon as I finish this blog to get my supplies for sausage balls and the Super Bowl party I’m going to tomorrow.

Sometimes, it’s hard for me to go to a Super Bowl party. I’m a little nuts when I watch football. If you’ve ever read this blog, you might have noticed I’m a bit of a fans. Just a bit. However, the last three times the Patriots won the Super Bowl I was at a church Super Bowl party. The other two times? I was at a party at a friend’s house. 

Yes, I know that where I watch the Super Bowl has absolutely ZERO impact on the game. Rationally, I know that. However, like the good sports fan that I am, I am totally and irrationally superstitious. I will be wearing the same jersey I’ve worn all playoffs. 

So, anyway, that’s usually why I watch at home. Mostly because I have to control myself around the general public and I don’t have to do that at home. I might or might not yell at a the TV, talk back to the announcers (my go to is “shut up, Collinsworth, you’re an idiot”), and insult the intelligence of the refs…

So what am I making? really, really bad for you (but mostly clean!) sausage balls.

I’ll make my own bisquick out of wheat flour (yay clean eating), then combine it with two pounds of sausage and cheddar. Then I’ll bake them in little balls and they will be delicious. 

That’s okay, as all the cross-fit, paleo girls who are coming to the party are saying that the Super Bowl is a diet “cheat day”. I’m down with that. I’ll probably go to the gym tomorrow so I don’t feel like a total pig because I can guarantee some stress eating will happen. It’s the Patriots. I’ll indulge my tendency to stress eat a little tomorrow, since there will still be no retail therapy.

So I’m a solid month into the Total Money Makeover. And I’ve already goofed. 

Here’s how, so you can avoid rookie mistakes like this. I get paid on the 15th and 30th. So I did my budget based on that. But I neglected the whole surviving from the 30th to the next paycheck thing. So I had budgeted to have used every last cent of my paychecks on the 15th and 30th during the month of January.

See the problem? 

I would have had no money (I mean NONE) until February 15th. So I added something new: flex money. On the 30th, I will pull out $100 to cover anything that there isn’t money left over for until the next paycheck comes and I can replenish the envelopes. 

I’m sure this “flex money” will eventually not be needed as I get better at planning ahead and sticking like super glue to my budget. But until I adjust, this is just how it’s gonna be. Plus I can use the flex money to cover things like baby shower presents and bridesmaid dresses (I’m going for my 6th trip down the aisle NOT wearing white.) instead of having to figure them into the budget every month as they come up. 

Yes, I just found out like ten minutes ago that I would be bridesmaid dress shopping on Monday night. 

So I guess I better go easy on the snacks at the Super Bowl. There is NOTHING worse than trying on bridesmaid dresses when you’re all bloated and feel gross. I mean, some of them are hideous enough as it is. You don’t need the added bonus of bloating and grossness to add to the chances of trying on some truly awful dresses.

I actually enjoy dress shopping and there are some really wonderful dresses out there, but I have never been dress shopping for these things where I didn’t try on at least ONE dress that was hideously ugly. Seriously, what bridge puts her friends/family in dresses like that???? 

Guys, the movie 27 Dresses was only mild hyperbole. There are some really bad dresses out there. And some really regrettable wedding choices. Can I just elope please? (can someone just ask me out, please???) 😉

In all seriousness, I am very happy for my cousin, and hopefully we will get good dresses. I haven’t had any truly hideous ones, just a few that weren’t my taste. Though I’ve tried on some doozies (including one that we now refer to as “the shiny poop dress”). 

I’ll try to find time to break down the game before tomorrow, and if not, there will be either a euphoric post next week or a post next week about the glories of hockey and baseball with a side of depression. 

And I know I said I’d review Sons of Liberty. You have to actually watch it to review it…I’ll get to it eventually. It’s chilling in the DVR. So when I watch, I will review. 

For now, Go Pats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Here’s a video from Jimmy Kimmel that is hysterical followed by some blatant homerism and gifs. 

#doYourJob #OnToSeattle #onToSB49 

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