Favorite Red Sox Moments of 2007/2008

First, check out these posters, made on the Despair, Inc. website:



(click images to see full-size)

And now on to my Top Red Sox Moments of 2007-2008
(these are my favorites so far, share yours in the comment section!)
10. Papelbon and Manny D’s Rain Delay video.(see #5)

9. Pedroia is the “Daddy” of Dancing (see #5)

8. Jacoby Ellsbury Stealing Bases (and a Taco!)

7. Jacoby Ellsbury Defense. He goes for it, 100%of the time. Here’s just one example:


6. Grand Slams. From JD Drew’s 14-million dollar shot in 2007 to Youk and Pedroia’s firsts in 2008.



5. Papelbon dancing. (no other description required)

4. Youk’s Wall-Ball Triple


3. Dustin Pedroia and Kevin Youkilis in the mix for AL MVP.

2. Jon Lester throws a no-hitter

1. Winning the World Series

paps.jpgLike what you see? Have a different favorite? Let me know!

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