So Long, Hottie McHottie

Josh McDaniels is going to coach the Broncos. While I’m glad he’s getting a chance to move up and prove himself, I am going to miss that good looking mug on the sidelines. While I think the Pats will be minimally affected by this, since Josh had a good relationship with Tommy and Matty, (Brady and Cassel for those of you who don’t have nicknames for them).

I think it will be interesting to see how he does, but I will have to start watching Denver games now…eh. I mean, he was the one bright spot on the coaching staff, the one who looked somewhat well-dressed, put together, hair always cut…now we’ll just have the All-Powerful Hobo to look at. (note, I still love Bill, but he looks kind of homeless sometimes).

So farewell, Josh McDaniels, just not that well.

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