Sox and Youk, Together Again

According to the AP (associated press) the Red Sox and Kevin Youkilis have reached a 4-year contract reportedly worth about $41 million.

Thumbnail image for YoukPedey.jpg

So now the Red Sox have managed to sign both Dustin Pedroia and Kevin Youkilis and effectively limit their ability to seek arbitration and free agency. And Red Sox Nation heaves a sigh of relief. So now we have them both until 2012, if not longer.

This, I hope, is how the Sox are going to continue doing business. Both Youk and Pedrioa were drafted by the Red Sox, and raised in the farm system. I mean, look at the two of them! They both finished in the top of the race for MVP, which they both deserved, but I’m glad Dustin got it. Then, if you throw in Jon Lester, who is only going to get better…our farm system is looking pretty good.

Now the only hole the Sox have left is at catcher. And it’s not like there’s a lot of options out there, so just deal with the Prince of Darkness (aka Boras) and bring back Tek and all will be well.

Final random tid-bit, everyone’s favorite Jockey, who happens to be the AL MVP, is going to be on the cover of MLB: The Show. There’s no curse for that one, right?

Another random thought, I have a new obsession. The MLBNetwork. It is completely amazing. I watched highlights from the 1986 season the other night, and it was weird, because my dad always told me that he held me up to the TV during the World Series that year (I was all of a month old) and told me that I was watching the Red Sox, and that they always found a way to lose the last game that matters.

While that is no longer true, I found it really interesting to watch, since I clearly have no memory of watching it live. I haven’t watched any of the re-runs from this year’s World Series because I still have issues with cowbell. I’m not ready for more cowbell just yet, my ears are still ringing.

But you should check out MLBnetwork. They are airing Ken Burn’s Baseball, which, if you’ve never seen it, its like Planet Earth, but for baseball. It’s long, but they show it in segments, and it covers everything, from the curses, to the great players, the Negro leagues, the Black Sox…everything. I have really enjoyed watching it, you should look into it.

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