Relevantly Irrelevant

The MLB All-Star game is upon us!!!! Cue the excitement! Cue the music! Break out the beer and snacks!

Or not. 

Can we just discuss how completely ridiculous and irrelevant this game is? But because it’s got post-season implications, it is actually relevant? Forgetting that fact that the players are voted their by the FANS who are by their very definition BIASED (and despite what any of them say, they are all huge homers ), this game is useless! I am not a fan of the All-Star game because in EVERY. OTHER. SPORT. the all-star game is an exhibition. It’s fun. It means nothing.

But no. Baseball has to make this game “relevant“. So now we sit through an exhibition game and have to care because whichever side wins gets HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE for the World Series. Which if anyone is counting, the NL is winning 43-39 all time in All-Star games but in the last 20 years, it’s 13-6 in favor of the AL with 1 tie. 

I’m sorry. The team with the best record should get home field advantage, AL or NL. That’s how they do NBA, NHL…and the NFL playoffs do the same thing (NFL has only one game at a neutral site for the championship, thus it is hard to compare it to baseball). 

Will I watch? Probably. It’s hard not to when you are a sports fan and there is LITERALLY nothing else on. And I don’t watch a whole lot of TV anymore (gee, thanks grad school!) so many times, especially in the summer, sports are the only reason to turn on the tube.

The interwebs on the other hand…

So I tried, really tried, to hold off on watching Emma Approved. I mean, the Lizzie Bennet Diaries were like my biggest form of procrastination the whole time I was getting my Master’s degree. I was actually glad it was over before student teaching. And I refused to start Emma Approved until I graduated and got a job. Well, still no job but I did start (and catch up on) Emma Approved the other day and can I just say: It is FANTASTIC! 

Not only because of these two: 

Emma Woodhouse and Alex Knightley played by Joanna Sotomura and Brent Bailey

But because they are adorable. See exhibits A, and B: 

It also doesn’t hurt that Emma is one of my all time favorite novels with my hands down favorite leading man, ever. He’s always been one of my favorites. I love Jonny Lee Miller in the 2009 Masterpiece Classic Emma. He’s the long-suffering, sensible best friend who is adorably awkward. Bailey’s Knightley is less awkward, more adorable, and is subsequently dubbed “Snarky Knightley” during the show by Emma because he is. Very snarky. Adorably snarky. I LOVE it. I didn’t think it was possible, but I believe I like Mr. Knightley even more now… 

So yeah. I guess check out the All Star game and DEFINITELY check out Emma Approved and The Lizzie Bennet Diaries (if you haven’t already)

Also, starting something new: book of the week. I’m reading Zorro by Isabel Allende. 

I’ve read the original (Curse of Capistrano by Johnston McCulley) and loved the Disney series (the one that came out in 1957. I loved watching the reruns of that as a kid) and the movies. So far the book is a bit…off beat. Not bad, but the narrator definitely has an agenda, which I don’t mind but I haven’t really gotten to any action yet. I’ll keep you posted. 


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