Geek Chic Caballero

If you haven’t already noticed, I’m a bit of a nerd. 

Yep. Nerd. But there are levels of nerd, okay? I own ONE Princess Leia costume that I made for Halloween and might wear another Halloween so I didn’t get rid of it. And while some people may enjoy wearing costumes like that other places…me, not so much. But I do like to show off my favorite fandoms in a more…subtle way. Let me tell you, between Etsy and Amazon, you can rock some really nerdy stuff without anyone (other than fellow nerds) noticing. 

For example, I own the following pieces of jewelry: 


A pendent with a quote from Lord of the Rings, a Mockingjay pendent, a ring with a quote from Hamlet, and I also own a ring that says “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good” (not pictured). When I wear these particular items, the Mockingjay for example, I get every comment from “cute necklace” to “is that from the Hunger Games?” to “Oh my gosh! Where did you get a Mockingjay necklace?” (answer: amazon).

These pieces express some of my personality, and are great conversation starters with fellow nerds. But even if someone doesn’t know that my necklace has a quote form Tolkien, they ask “where did you get it? I love that! And that quote is nice!” and you can expose someone to classic (like Lord of the Rings) or tell them that Etsy has all kinds of wonderful things based on classic literature like this. Seriously, it does. You want a Jane Austen pendent? Done. They even have Once Upon a Time based items (for all you Oncers out there!) 

So if you want some truly unique (or nerdy, or both) items, skip your traditional jewelry places and check out and You’ll be amazed at what you find! 

Moving right along. I told you all I would review Isabel Allende’s Zorro. I finished it last night, and, well…

Let me start off by saying that it is a very well-written book and a good story. But if you are looking for the stories like we used to watch on the old black and white Zorro on the Disney channel…not so much. One, it’s a lot more focused on racism, the rights of Indians (as they are called in the story), the rights of women and the rights of slaves. Yeah. It’s also more of a prequel. How did Zorro become Zorro? Who was his mother? His father? See, Zorro chronology is difficult because the creator of Zorro didn’t always pay attention to canon and continuity. This story attempts to tie them all together, from the original serial all the way up to the Banderas movies. I almost wish the title wasn’t “Zorro” because he doesn’t show up very much or for very long. It’s a lot about Diego de La Vega, Bernardo, and the two of them growing up. It was a good book but I think I prefer the original and other more swashbuckling stories. I didn’t really care about the whole Napoleon took over Spain and then he lost it political drama, I wanted Diego to go back to California and fight the evil there. He did, but it was in like the last…5 chapters of the book or so. I missed the snarky Zorro (and equally, though much more subtly snarky, Diego). Good book, but as for Zorro, your best bet is the Guy Williams Disney version. 


So tomorrow I have an interview for a possible real, grown-up job (yay!) but this is a little bit how I feel: 

But I think (or at least I hope) I will do okay. If I could only find something to wear…

That’s it for me! Enjoy the Home Run Derby tonight and the All-Star game tomorrow 🙂 


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