Shopping Secrets and #RE2PECT

As a Red Sox fan, I hate all things Yankee. Seriously. Hate it. With one exception: Derek Jeter. 

Jeter, you will be missed. As much as it hurts me to say that, you will be missed. Quick…I have to compensate for leading off this blog with a picture of a YANKEE…

okay. I feel better. phew. 

Sorry. It’s hard for a die hahd Sawx girl to talk about anyone who plays in pinstripes, even if he is completely respectable and an asset to the game. 

Speaking of baseball, despite my opinion that the All-Star game (hereafter abbreviated ASG) is completely overrated and ridiculous, it’s still baseball and I’m still gonna watch. Also speaking of baseball, I’m finally going to a game this season! Yay! 

No, the Red Sox aren’t playing. I’m going to see the Nats and Brewers. I have never seen the Brewers play before so this should be fun. I like Nat’s Park too. You can take the metro right to it and there is something fun about riding on public transportation when everyone is going to same place and it’s a fun place. It gives you a sense of camaraderie. 

Moving on from sports to my other love, shoes. I have a secret for you ladies, especially if you have a size 7.5 or smaller foot. The BEST place to get cute shoes at a low price is Dress Barn Women. Some Dress Barns are combined, misses sizes and women’s sizes, but some are separate. So Dress Barn Women sells the plus size clothes. Most of the women who shop there , many of them are very tall, which means their foot size is larger. So that means all their clearance shoes are size 6, 6.5, 7, and 7.5 with a handful of larger sizes. When my mom said she was thinking about going there today because she had a coupon my response was this:

And good thing too. Ten minutes later, I was walking out of the store with a pair of green flats studded with gold squares and a pair of subtle cowboy booties. My total? $16.00.

That’s right. TWO pairs of shoes for $16.00. That’s $8.00 a pair. You can’t really beat that. And to top it off, Dress Barn actually sells nice, fairly comfortable shoes. So remember this ladies: if you have tiny feet, check the clearance shoes at the plus size stores. And I’m actually pretty sure the opposite works too. 

So if I don’t blog again until I get back, sorry. I’m just…

I really need to lay off the coffee. And the gifs. :/ 

Peace 🙂

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