This Will Be…A Creepy Experience

So I’m on eHarmony. I got a good deal for a three month thing and I have 4 friends either married to or getting married to someone they met online. I’m a tech savvy girl. I can totally do this.

Only I can’t. 

I don’t know what it is but I find the whole experience…sorta creepy. And I don’t think it’s the people. I have the filters set so that only Christian non-smokers in a 50 mile radius will show up as matches. And when I look at the profiles, most of the guys are totally normal, great sounding people. But for some reason I get to the point where I am thinking about making contact, and then…

(Come on. You knew I wasn’t getting through this blog entry without a single gif.)

Yeah. I chicken out. I’ve got no idea why. I think a lot of the people online are just like me: busy and tired of only being hit by people we will not consider dating.

Seriously. What’s the deal with that? The last few people that I can tell were interested in me were people that I either 1. just didn’t like or 2. so young or 3. soo needy. 

 I don’t do needy/clingy. At all. I took one of those personality tests and I either come up ENFP of INFP. I think it has to do with the fact that though I love being around people and I have no issues being the center of attention or talking to people or meeting someone new, I also like to have some time to myself or read a book or play on pinterest and relax. 

But I digress. Back to eHarmony. I guess the only thing I can do is try it and see what happens. God has a plan. Meeting someone online might not be it. But it might also be the way I meet my soulmate. And yes, I’m a romantic enough to believe in those, but I also think that people have several and not just in the romantic sense. There are people you meet and you just know: “we’re meant to be friends”. It’s like something clicks and you just know “this person, I want them in my life”. 

And then there are my Pinterest soul mates. Seriously. There are people that WHATEVER they pin, I pin, and WHATEVER I pin, they pin. I don’t even personally know all these people, but I know if we ever meet, we’re totally going to be friends! 

Except I don’t use humor, I change the subject! 

That’s actually all I have to say on the online dating subject for now. I’ll keep you posted. 

On to more fun things 🙂

I am somewhat late to the game on this, but I’ve started doing the 100 happy days challenge. For more info, visit here:

The gist of this challenge is to find something that makes you happy and post a picture of it every day for 100 days. And then hashtag it, of course. It can be anything, I’ll show you days 1-7: 


It’s been a really fun thing to do so far, even though I’m only a week in. 71% of people don’t complete it, but I’m going to try my best. 

Want to give it a try? Go to the link above, sign up, and then post on your favorite social media platform. But remember, the goal is to post things that make YOU happy. Not your friends and not to show off. I’ll keep you posted. Who knows what the next 93 days hold for me? It could be I’m documenting a significant season of my life and I don’t even know it yet! 


(I’ve really got to come up with a better way to end these things…)

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